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Retailing is the business of business: manufacturing, transportation, marketing and wholesale all exist to support the final level of retail sales to customers nationwide. That's why Retailing is so vital to all business and all consumers in our state.

In 1933, during one of America's most difficult business cycles, retailers themselves formed the Missouri Retailers Association to advance high standards of service and customer satisfaction and to help share expertise among retail businesses to better meet the demands of changing business trends and economic cycles.

In the decades since its formation, the full-time staff at the Missouri Retailers Association has worked to advance and protect businesses, establish cost-saving programs and develop policies to help retail businesses and the customers they serve.

No other organization exists to exclusively serve the unique needs of retailing; no other organization so directly affects the essential interests of all businesses and all consumers.

To serve the business of all business, the Missouri Retailers Association engages a full-time staff that works year-round with state agencies, the Legislature and officials in the executive branch to help address the unique concerns of the retail industry.

At the same time, the shared expertise of retailers through the Missouri Retailers Association has proved an invaluable asset in addressing the needs of retailing that include small business needs, realistic tax codes, balanced business legislation, credit regulation and common-sense improvements to help business and customers alike.

A successful retail industry depends on integrity, solid customer service and responsible business practices. You can advance these essential goals through your membership and your participation in the Missouri Retailers Association.

It's a smart investment in everyone's future!
Helping Make the Most for Missouri!