The Association
The Missouri Retailers
Association, established
in 1933 by a group of
retailers sharing similar
concerns and interests,
is dedicated to serving
the needs of retailers
statewide. MRA member
services feature a
variety of money saving
cost control programs
tailored to the needs of
the retail industry. A
full-time staff in
Jefferson City ensures
that the voice of
retailing is heard in
state government.
Publications and media
contacts keep the public
and the retail industry
informed of issues
concerning retailing in
The Voice of Retail Since 1933
Challenges of the Future:
The Rebirth of Small
Retail in America
This book provides
solutions for falling
sales and faltering
retailers. Featuring
case studies from
such success
stories as
Walgreens, Target,
Costco and others,
the book analyzes
the elements of
triumph over failure
in the retail
market. Click on
the book for more
Retail Loss Prevention Intelligence Network
Find the Right Retail POS
System for Your Business
A Leading Expert in Retail Industry
With more than 25 years of experience in
retailing, Harold C. Lloyd is one of the retail
industry's most popular and innovative
speakers. He strives to give audiences that
"Push in the Right Direction" toward their goals
and success. Harold provides practical
solutions to the issues that retailers confront
every day in their stores such as sales,
customer service, management and time
MO Pharmacy Provider
Tax Info
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